What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a blue-green microalgae that is known to be incredibly nutritious and healthy for the human body. Historically, spirulina grows in large bodies of water across the warmest regions in the world. Today, thanks to modern day science, spirulina can grow and thrive in closed-circuit ecosystems without compromising quality or purity.

Why Spirulina?

As one of the oldest and most nutrient-rich foods on earth, spirulina has been coined the original superfood. This blue-green microalgae is known for its robust nutrient profile and wide range of health benefits.

In the wild, spirulina grows naturally in warm, fresh water lakes. Ancient civilizations have a long history with this microalgae. They knew the benefits and used spirulina in their diets regularly. Today, this fascinating algae still holds mysteries, as researchers have yet to uncover the many uses it may have.

What we do know is spirulina isn’t just any microalgae. It’s an impressive nutrient dense whole food. What is in Spirulina?

• Plant based whole protein
• Essential amino acids
• Essential minerals
• Living vitamins

When the global community caught wind of the incredible health benefits of this superfood, spirulina started to be farmed globally and used as a dietary supplement.

Why SpiraVeg Spirulina?

- Highest quality; SpiraVeg takes every step possible to ensure that only the purest and cleanest spirulina is produced

  • No preservatives
  • Non GMO
  • No heavy metals
  • Free of all contaminants

- Odorless and Tasteless - INTACT Cells

  • SpiraVeg’s careful growing and harvesting process ensures that the Spirulina cells are kept INTACT. All the valuable nutrients are retained in the INTACT cells; therefore SpiraVeg Spirulina is Odorless and Tasteless

- 100% Bioavailability

  • Because the cells are kept INTACT, no nutrients are lost. Full 65 bio-active nutrients are retained in its natural state, in a well balanced ratio
  • The rich nutrients content is absorbed by your body almost immediately upon digestion

How to Use SpiraVeg Spirulina?

Because SpiraVeg spirulina is odorless and tasteless, you can add it to any of your favourite foods to boost nutrition. SpiraVeg spirulina will not change the flavour of anything you add it to. Please do not cook the spirulina as it may reduce the nutritional value. Here are some of our preferred ways to use spirulina:

• Add SpiraVeg spirulina to a smoothie
• Mix SpiraVeg spirulina into juice or water
• Mix SpiraVeg spirulina into yogurt
• Use your imagination and add to your favourite dish or beverage
• Add SpiraVeg spirulina to a salad dressing or into a pesto

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