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Re: COVID-19

As a business and food producer, SpiraVeg takes all measures possible to ensure our employees are healthy, our work environment is safe and sanitary. As always, we follow government Food Safety Standard and Guidelines. We have implemented our own higher standards in maintaining an ultra pure product. With the concern of the COVID-19, we wish to state that we have always maintained strict cleaning protocols at our facility. Our product is produced in a controlled environment and usually only 1-2 people are in the harvest room doing the packaging and harvest so there is very little chance of exposure to unwanted contaminants in our facility.

As a proactive approach, SpiraVeg has chosen to NOT attend our two weekly Farmer’s Markets: cSpace (Saturdays) and Hillhurst Sunnyside (Wednesdays) until further notice. BUT our business is open 24/7!! You can always order online at our online shop, or call us directly at 403-831-3589, we do free Calgary deliveries every Tuesday and Friday; for outside of Calgary, we harvest and ship out Raw Fresh Spirulina every Tuesday (free shipping with minimum purchase requirements).

As you know, the precautionary methods as suggested by the health experts (wash hands; cover when sneeze/cough; keep social distance, etc) are helpful to prevent catching or spreading viruses. Aside from all the above-mentioned methods taken, ensuring your immune system is as strong as possible is really the best thing you can do to protect yourself from any foreign viruses. Spirulina is well documented in boosting your immune system and is mentioned in this interesting article.

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