Why Freeze Dried Spirulina?

Are you looking to bring Spirulina with you, wherever and whenever you go? To send your loved ones the benefits of this superfood without worrying about cold storage with a perishable product? To have that perfect gift for your health-conscious friends? Or if you’re just passionate about superfoods and need to share with your loved ones? Look no further. We now have you covered with our Freeze Dried Powder Spirulina! 

When we explored the idea of drying Spirulina, with the conventional methods of using high heat chambers and spray guns (the most common and economical method of drying),  we concluded that the traditional way of drying would essentially damage the nutritional contents of Spirulina. Antioxidants are oxidized and enzymes are deactivated, reducing the digestible content to below 10%.  Yes, it is fast for production; unfortunately, it does damage the nutrient and there is a resulting flavour that is not so nice. 

This is why we are so excited about our freeze dried process. It gives you all the convenience of a powder that is as equally nourishing as our Raw Fresh Spirulina, but the nutritional contents are not compromised and the final product is very palatable.

After diligent research, the SpiraVeg team decided to go all in with the freeze drying method simply due to: 

  • Retention of the nutrient content the highest vs. any other drying method
  • Storage life can be well over 10 years plus at room temperature! 

So how do we go from Fresh to Freeze Dried Spirulina?

Immediately following the harvesting of Raw Fresh Spirulina, it is placed into our freeze drier for processing and after about 30 hours, Freeze Dried Spirulina is ready.  

To make a 2g packet of our Freeze Dried Spirulina, it starts as 15g (or 1 Tbsp) of our Raw Fresh Spirulina. Only the intracellular water is extracted through the freeze-drying process leaving the rich nutrient content intact and unaltered.  We portion out into individual 2g packets and vacuum seal it to retain the product’s freshness and prevent oxidation of the precious antioxidants and nutrient content. 

As always, SpiraVeg's commitment is to fuel your nutritional needs, energize you with the pure and high-quality, nutrient-dense, Spirulina - all while being palatable, which is why we always say "Odorless and Tasteless". 

A few points we would like to highlight about our fantastic new product:

  • Retains nutrient content closest to our Raw Fresh Spirulina format
  • Contains 2-4 times more active Phycocyanin (blue antioxidant) than conventional outdoor grown Spirulina production
  • 70% protein per weight
  • Single serving size, individually vacuum-sealed packets and protected from oxidation
  • 100% bioavailable (digestible nutrient), all the enzymes are active
  • Unlimited ways to consume; add to water, juice, smoothie, bake or simply eat straight from the packet

Ready to try SpiraVeg’s convenient Freeze Dried Spirulina

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Always feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments regarding our Spirulina at info@spiraveg.ca.

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