Healthy Travel Tips with SpiraVeg

Let’s face it, while travelling it can be easy to let your health and wellness practices fall to the wayside. But this year, we think you should try something different! Work to continue to prioritize the wellness rituals that make you feel your best and and make time for whatever you need: exercise, warm water with lemon, mediation, supplements, and SpiraVeg!

Today we’re sharing our top seven travel tips to help keep you healthy and feeling your best on your next summer getaway.

  1. Increase your nutrient intake 2-3 days before you go on vacation. Start sipping on green juices, homemade broth and increase your intake of raw fruits and veggies. When you’re away from your home you may not have easy access to these nutrient-dense foods so eat them while you can!
  2. Pack healthy, non-perishable snacks for long travel days. Whether you’re stuck in a plane or a car, having non-perishable snacks is a great way to curb your hunger.
  3. Prioritize a healthy breakfast. Breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day, so think clean, nutrient dense and fresh! Our favourites are green smoothies, plant-based breakfast bowls and coconut yogurt with fresh fruit.
  4. Find your go-to health focused spots. Find comfort in knowing where you can find nutrient dense foods that make you feel great. This could be a local health food store, juice bar, or delicious farm-to-table restaurant.
  5. Exercise while sightseeing. Instead of hitting the hotel gym, run outside, swim and walk everywhere you can. This way you are able to explore your new environment and move your body!
  6. Consciously indulge. Vacation isn’t meant to be a week-long cheat day but you also don’t need to deprive yourself of trying exciting foods. Give yourself permission to eat (or drink) something purely because it’s delicious. You can and should enjoy the indulgences that matter most to you while you’re on vacation.
  7. End your vacation on a relaxing day. If you can, plan to come home one day early to allow yourself to unpack, prepare some healthy meals and get your life in order (so to say). Trust us, this makes a big difference!

Once you’re home, take the next 2-3 days to really nourish your body. Focus on incorporating nutrient dense plant-based foods, lots of water and of course, SpiraVeg! We love SpiraVeg post-vacation because fresh spirulina gently detoxifies the body, supports healthy digestion, reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system.

We hope that these wellness-focused tips help you enjoy a healthy holiday! How do you stay healthy while on vacation? Comment below, we want to hear from you!

Blog adapted via Rejoice Nutrition and Wellness

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