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This Mother’s Day we’re giving Mom the gift of pure, radiant health. Because she works hard, doesn’t she? She sacrifices her time, energy and often, nutrition, so that everyone else around her is taken care of. But because of the sheer number of people she cares for daily, it’s even more important that she makes the time to care for herself.

One of the first things to falter when Mom is tired or stressed is hormone levels. Hormones are deeply sensitive compounds in the body that respond greatly to the external stressors we’re exposed to and begin to alter as we age.
Of course, hormones are an extraordinarily complex topic that can’t be summed up in one blog post, but to give you an idea of how they work read on!

Hormones are produced in several glands, including the pituitary, pineal, pancreas, thyroid and adrenal glands, and each of your hormones have their own job (for example, regulating metabolism or a woman’s menstrual cycle). Each hormone depends on information that’s communicated to it from other hormones in order to carry out its tasks. It’s like a spiderweb – one strand (or hormone) affects all the rest – so you can imagine how one hormone being out of balance will affect all the rest!

The list of symptoms of hormone imbalance is broad, and that’s because your hormones control so many different functions. Plus, age and lifestyle can play a huge role. For example, women entering menopause in their 50’s tend to experience hot flashes due to fluctuating estrogen levels.

The first key to surviving hormonal shifts is a clean, junk free diet full of essential vitamins, minerals, fats and fibre. A cleaner diet means cleaner blood, which means cleaner tissues which then means cleaner lymphatics, intestines and colon – it all adds up!

Our favourite way to balance hormones is a clean diet, well managed stress levels, exercise and of course, SPIRULINA!

How does spirulina help balance hormones?

Detox liver

Certain compounds in spirulina support the natural detox pathways of the liver, meaning the body is better able to detoxify excess estrogen to help reduce symptoms of PMS or menopause.

Balance blood sugar

A root cause of hormonal imbalance, spirulina helps balance blood sugar levels and reduce systemic inflammation. Not to mention, nutrient deficiency is a common cause of overeating. By ensuring the body has the nutrients it needs, cravings for sugary treats and refined carbohydrates will often vanish!

Hormone Production

Spirulina contains GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) a fatty acid that is converted into prostaglandins, the precursor to healthy, balanced hormone production in the body.

Due to high levels of vitamins and minerals like B6, calcium and magnesium, spirulina can help combat issues that often arise due to hormonal imbalance like insomnia, weight gain, bloating and water retention.

So this year, treat Mom to healthy, balanced hormones and vital, vibrant energy with SpiraVeg! Raw, live and 100% bioavailable – save 10% from now to May 13th with code SPIRAVEGLOVESMOM at checkout!

Be well,

The SpiraVeg Team

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