Our First Event: Royal Oak/Rocky Ridge Community Annual Stampede Breakfast

SpiraVeg was very proud to be a sponsor and participate with the Royal Oak/Rocky Ridge Community
Annual Stampede Breakfast on July 8th, 2017. This was SpiraVeg’s very first public introduction and we
provided free samples of our fresh Spirulina product mixed with only water to allow the true taste to
come through!

We really had no expectations going into the event but at the end we realized that there are a lot of
people who are not really familiar with Spirulina, much less the benefits of consuming it! Of those people who know Spirulina, our product appeared to be of huge interest to them as most people, who consume and know dry format spirulina (powder or tablet) know it tastes horrible! Upon a slight hesitation from some, to take that first sip of our product, they quickly finished it off with a smile!

One of the great things about our Spirulina production process (proudly grown in Calgary, Alberta) is
that it allows us to produce the highest possible quality Spirulina that simply tastes like… nothing! Really, it has such a mild taste that you can barely notice anything other than the beautiful blue green color in your glass when mixed with water.

At the time of the Stampede Breakfast, we were busy growing Spirulina and have not stopped! Unfortunately, we did not have enough production available at the time to provide products for sale but we are looking forward to having our products available in August, as we’re currently preparing for our first Spirulina harvest!

Our next public appearance will be at the Calgary Vegetarian Food Festival taking place Aug 26 at the
Bowness Community Association from 10:00am – 4:00 pm. We will be there selling freshly frozen Spirulina to take home and a delicious Spirulina beverage! We can’t wait to see you there!

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